Balochistan Textbook Board

Background of Department


Balochistan Textbook Board has a vision of Nation building through error free and quality textbooks, prepared on the basses of culture of innovation, which seeks to stimulate the learning of the students and teaching passion of the teachers, which strives to broaden the horizons of learning in order to produce minds, alive to the responsibilities and challenges of life, and also capable of meeting them.

In addition to this, BTBB has also vision to prepare quality textbooks that cater to learning needs of the students and assist in their cognitive development and conceptual understanding.

BTBB has to ensure enhancement of provincial expertise (Authors, Illustrators, Editors and Reviewers) and capacity to review and develop quality textbooks and supplementary learning martial. BTBB has also a vision to provide online free textbooks for E-learning in future.


Ø The Balochistan Textbook Board, Quetta came into existence in August 1972. The Board remained under the Administrative Control of the Education Department Balochistan up to 17th November, 1977.

Ø Thereafter it was declared an Autonomous Body under the Balochistan Textbook Board Ordinance, 1977, which was amended in 1979.

Mandate and Objective of Department

Ø The main function of the Board is to implement the Education Policies of the Government in respect of production and publication of error free quality textbooks on affordable price, supplementary material and teaching aids.

Ø To review and develop the textbooks in accordance with the National Curricula and National Education Policy.

Ø To conduct workshops, seminars for capacity building of textbook writers, authors and reviewers.

Ø To provide enriched and research based reference and supporting material, needed comments, views on the National Curricula representing the Balochistan Province.

Development  Work of Department

Ø  Printing and Publication of textbooks from Kachi to XII for the academic year 2015.

Ø  Printing and Publication of newly developed textbooks meant for phase III for academic year 2015.

Ø  Printing and Publication of newly developed textbooks for ALP for academic year 2015.

Ø  Printing and Publication of newly developed textbooks for Mother Tongues (Balochi , Brahui , Pashto , Sindhi , Persion)

News regarding Department and activities

Ø  Advertisement regarding Purchase of Printing Paper for the academic year 2016. (Copy Attached)

Ø  Advertisement regarding Quality Textbooks Development according to National Curriculum 2006 and Learning Materials Policy 2007 for the academic year 2016. (Copy Attached)

Ø  Development of Textbooks for Mother Tongues (Balochi , Brahui , Pashto , Sindhi , Persion).

Ø  Development of Textbooks for Accelerated Learning Path Ways (ALP).

Key Massage from Head of Organization

              The Balochistan Textbook Board is a dedicated organization committed to undertake publication of textbook in line with the prescribed subjects. These books are the fruits of labour by renowned educationists engaged to assist us in our task. Despite our constant endeavors chances of inadvertent mistakes cannot be ruled out: and there is always room for improvement. Therefore, we look forward to valuable suggestions from students, respected teachers and parents to enhance the quality of the textbook.